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J. Backlund Design Guitars has been the newest and strongest kid on the block with their complete series of totally awesome, great playing and head turning guitars.

We reviewed one of their higher end models a while back (which you can read about HERE).

But now, J. Backlund Design has begun a brand new project to make their stellar guitars more affordable to “the masses”.

Their top of the line guitars remain the same. But J. Backlund has started the “Retronix Series Project” a Kickstarter guitar project where you can get involved as a contributor to get the ball rolling. But the time to get that ball rolling on these new guitars is limited. J. Backlund needs $75,000 by September 1, 2012. YOU can get involved by contributing to the cause with a package that you choose for your donation as a reward for your help. (See the list HERE)


Retronix is a new line of affordable instruments from J Backlund Design Guitars. The R-800 is our first great design for a new market.

The Retronix R-800 is the new offering from J. Backlund Design Guitars. It will be available in Tremolo, Hard-Tail and Bass models.

Since (the) early days, the response to our guitars has been overwhelmingly positive. However, we hear over and over again that our designs are cool; people simply can’t afford them. Our custom, hand made guitars range from $3500 to $7000. Some one-off models are even more. They are truly playable works of art. So, with your help and the through the magic of Kickstarter, we are going to make our guitars more accessible to working musicians and the musical world under the Retronix brand name.

For the last three years we have been diligently working on research and development and making our designs more repeatable and less costly to produce. However, it just not possible for us to produce the hand-made US products at a price point where we can compete with the import products. In order to bring these instruments to you at the suggested price points, we will have to outsource our manufacturing. Fortunately, during this development time we have made several industry connections that will make this process doable. We are in the unique position of having sourcing relationships with Korean manufacturers that produce many of the high quality instruments for brand names that you have know for years. All of our prototypes and programming has been completed and we are ready for production. This is where you come in. We are asking for $75,000 for manufacturing ramp up and production of the first run of Retronix guitars. We will have eight color choices and bass and six string models will be available. For the six-string model, you will also be able to choose between hard tail and tremolo models. Retail prices for these guitars will be between $1000 and $1250, depending on color and options. But, for the next 60 days we will be selling them to the Kickstarter community for significantly less than that, in order to generate enough orders to meet our initial minimum production requirements. Over on the right side of the page, you will see several packages. There are pledge levels for everyone that include: guitar picks, t-shirts, prints, and guitars, as well as actual one of a kind original artwork by John Backlund himself. Thanks to John, we already have several designs to launch and there are more to come.

This Kickstarter project is our first attempt at bringing an affordable model to the players. Visit our website to see some of our other great designs. Please pledge generously and help us bring the art of John Backlund and the vision of Bruce Bennett to the rest of the world. Be a part of history. Your pledges will help change the guitar world forever.


As for their other guitars, people all over the spectrum of the music business are taking notice and playing these great guitars.
Such as Mark Wills in his video “Looking For America”.


As for the prototypes, take a look at the Retronix R-800 and The Retronix R-800b (Bass guitar) below.

Get your pledge in TODAY before time runs out. Get all the information HERE.

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